ARPA Management

The Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association Incorporated (ARPA) had its genesis in late 2001 after a period of consultation between various State and Territory associations representing occupational and vocational rehabilitation providers around Australia. It was recognised that a national incorporated non-profit association was required to lead the industry and coordinate responses to major issues around the country.  Professional standards, business viability under various jurisdictional systems, performance measurement and industry representation were identified as major challenges which needed to be addressed at that time.

The Australian Rehabilitation Professionals Association relies on four pillars. Each of these pillars has their own responsibility ensuring ARPA remains a healthy and well-respected industry association.

  • ARPA Executive Council
  • ARPA National Council
  • ARPA State Branches
  • ARPA National Staff

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ARPA Executive Council

The ARPA Executive Council is composed of the National President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

ARPA National Council

The ARPA National Council is composed of up to two representatives from each ARPA State Branch.

ARPA State & Territory Branches

Each Australian jurisdiction has a constituted ARPA Council.

ARPA National Staff

ARPA National employs a CEO, an Executive Officer and Awards & Careers Coordinator.