Webinar: The Influence of Messaging in Injury Support

When:  Apr 23, 2024 from 12:00 to 13:00 (Sydney time)

ARPA Member-only Webinar - Healing Words: The Influence of Messaging in Injury Support

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Navigating the maze of treatment options for low back pain can be challenging, yet the evidence tells us the most effective approach is via the messages we give.  Experts in behavioural science have long recognised the power of carefully crafted messages to positively influence a wide array of societal behaviours, from promoting healthy habits to ensuring compliance with tax payments.
This FREE ARPA member-only webinar dives into the pivotal role that strategic messaging plays in work injury recovery. How messaging impacts the recovery journey will be explored by examining case studies on low back pain management and supervisor involvement.
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As part of the It Pays to Care initiative in 2024, an aim is to improve messaging across the board - from case managers to employees and employers, rehab professionals and healthcare providers. The IPTC goal is to foster a constructive dialogue about how messaging, and what messages, help recovery and provide support.
This webinar should be a starting point for a broader conversation within the industry, exploring:
  • communication challenges you've encountered
  • examples of effective messaging you've used or experienced.
This session is designed to highlight the importance of messaging in work injury management and to learn from each other about the best ways to communicate. Join us to share your insights and learn how we can all contribute to better recovery journeys through effective communication.

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Event Presenters

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Mary Wyatt

Title & Company: Occupational Physician, RTW Matters
Bio: Dr Mary Wyatt is active in getting research into practice. Decades of work in injury management has included running an early intervention case management approach across several medium to large employers with a range of related treating, research and consulting experience over the years.
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