Keynote speakers

The ARPA Forum Committee is planning an impressive array of keynote speakers for the 1st International Forum. To date, the following keynotes have been secured:

Milo Wilkinson

Milo Wilkinson, a remarkable Behavioural Scientist, surpasses conventional roles, delving into the intricacies of human patterns, exemplifying exceptional leadership in high-pressure situations, and pioneering behavioural prediction.

An esteemed expert in predictive human behaviour, Milo serves as a sought-after criminal profiler and high-performance coach in the corporate and sports domains.

Her rich experience spans diverse spheres, from multinational boardrooms to elite sports teams and the minds of criminals, narcissists, and psychopaths.

With seven degrees in cognitive and clinical neurosciences, criminal sciences, psychology, and psychotherapy, Milo's academic prowess complements her practical expertise.

Her groundbreaking collaboration with Harvard's Neuroscience Department showcases her status as a Peak Performance Behavioural Scientist.  For more information visit:

Milo Wilkinson

Dr Tyler Amell

Dr Tyler Amell is an internationally recognised thought leader and keynote speaker on the topic of workplace health and productivity. When he is not speaking at events around the world, Dr Amell is a trusted advisor to organisations, including insurers, service providers, and employers, on strategic and integrated workplace health and productivity.

Dr Amell is on Faculty and is the Registrar at Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences and Lead for Work and the Workplace. He is a strategic health advisor to numerous employers, insurers, and investment firms and is also Chief Health and Strategy Officer at MediKeeper, a San Diego-based wellness technology company. Dr Amell serves on the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA)’s Wellness Advisory Council, as well as on the Executive Board of Directors of the Wellness Work Wellness Institute (WWI). He is a past CRO/CHO at a wellness technology company, a Partner/Vice President at a global HR consulting & technology company, CEO of a HR technology company, and Vice President of a large Healthcare and Rehabilitation company.

Dr Amell holds a PhD in Rehabilitation Medicine, a MSc in Rehabilitation Science and a BSc in Health Sciences.

Dr Tyler Amell