Date: Wednesday June 28, 2017 State: ACT,NSW,NT,QLD,SA,TAS,VIC,WA

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Webinar: Chronic pain is curable - the principles behind the solutions
Date: Wednesday 28 June, 10am to 11am
Presenter: Dr David Hanscom, USA
About the topic
The Center for Disease Control (USA) has estimated that over 100 million Americans (almost one in three) suffer from chronic physical pain. The medical expense and lost productivity cost the US over $500 billion annually. Current medical practice for chronic pain is to manage the problem through medication and surgery. The medical community, for the most part, believes that chronic pain is not curable. Both medication and surgery carry substantial risks for patients, and do not eliminate their pain.
About the presenter
Dr. Hanscom is an orthopaedic spine surgeon of over 30 years. His own experience with chronic pain set him on the path to find a way to cure, not just manage, chronic pain. Using the neuroscience research of the last 15 years, he developed an approach, which not only helped him eliminate his own chronic pain, but has worked with hundreds of patients. He developed a sequence of care that would reliably result in his patients becoming pain free. His treatment focuses on the neurophysiological aspect of pain and a structured, self-directed plan that teaches patients how to calm their nervous system, create alternate neurological pathways, and bypass well-travelled pain circuits.
Presentation at ARPA National 2016 Conference
ARPA National invited Dr Hanscom to present at our 2016 conference in Melbourne last August.  Dr Hanscom was rated very highly by all conference participants and was thought be very inspiring and innovative in his ideas and approaches.  If you didn't attend our 2016 conference here is a great opportunity for you to hear his thoughts on chronic pain via this interactive webinar.  If you did attend last year's conference and would like your colleagues and/or staff to hear Dr Hanscom's presentation, let them know today!
Here is what one of our delegates said about Dr Hanscom after attending our conference last year:
'I could have listened to him all day and found his presentation so helpful given my involvement with many chronic pain clients'
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