Skills training workshop for the Progressive Goal Attainment Program (2 days) - Melbourne

Date: Friday November 10, 2017 State: VIC

The PGAP® is considered one of the most empirically supported interventions for targeting psychosocial risk-factors for disability. This training workshop is designed to equip rehabilitation professionals with skills in psychosocial intervention strategies such that they may be better able to assist their clients in overcoming the challenges associated with debilitating health/mental health co...Read More

Psychological Conditions After a Physical Injury presented by Dr Erin Redmond

Date: Wednesday July 26, 2017 State: ACT,NSW,NT,QLD,SA,TAS,VIC,WA

About the topic:   This webinar presentation will look at psychological conditions that can arise out of a traumatic physical injury, including:   How do physical injuries cause psychological conditions? Common psychiatric conditions seen after physical injury Treatment options Barriers and enablers to recovery Challenges this brings in medico legal assessments. ...Read More