Date: Thursday February 15, 2018 State: VIC

System upgrade to temporarily impact TAC payments

What’s happening?

The TAC are upgrading their systems to reduce TAC paperwork. As they launch these changes, providers who mail or fax invoices may experience some delays in payments from 23 February to the end of March.

What do you need to do?
1. Submit any mailed or faxed invoices prior to 23 February. Please do not resubmit invoices.

2. For eligible services, submit invoices through LanternPay. As the TAC’s digital point-of-sale solution, LanternPay will not be impacted during this change period. And we will rebate the value of all transaction fees for all invoices approved via LanternPay from 23 February to 6 April, after which the standard 1.45% fee will apply.

To learn which services are eligible and register for LanternPay, visit

How will the upgrade benefit you?
Once their system changes go live in mid-March:

  • you will be able to treat or refer a TAC client without seeking approval for most services
  • you won’t need to send reports or clinical notes unless you receive a request from us

Visit for details,