Date: Wednesday November 29, 2017 State: NSW

Information for providers on the new NSW CTP scheme

A new CTP Green Slip scheme starts on 1 December 2017 to better support people injured on NSW roads. The new scheme is focused on early support and recovery, with a six month safety net for injured people – regardless of who was at fault in the accident.

If you have a patient who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident in NSW, benefits can include:

  • reasonable medical and treatment expenses
  • weekly income payments if they need time off work
  • vocational rehabilitation programs
  • attendant care services if they need help at home.

A claim can be lodged within three months of the crash, but should be lodged as soon as possible to guarantee back pay of weekly income payments.  

Injured people recover more quickly when they receive early support and benefits. By notifying the insurer of the accident, the injured person can request one GP consultation and two treatments (such as physiotherapy) before lodging a personal injury claim.

Your patient will not need to engage a lawyer to lodge a claim or to receive initial benefits. The new CTP scheme is no-fault for the first six months. This removes the need in most cases for insurers and lawyers to determine fault and negotiate compensation, which can add years to settlement timeframes and result in more stress for injured people when they should be focusing on recovery.

Income benefits can continue for up to two years, provided the person has more than a minor injury and they were not at fault in the accident. Treatment and care benefits may continue as required, for life if needed.

The easiest way for your patient to make a claim is to contact CTP Assist on 1300 656 919 or by email: This is a new service provided by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA). CTP Assist can provide information and answer questions about the new scheme. We can connect your patient with the right insurer, help them fill in claim forms, and provide support throughout the claims process.

The treating doctor will be required to complete a certificate of fitness for patients every 28 days. You may also be asked to provide information to the insurer, which will help your patient get the treatment and other benefits they need to recover.

More information will be available at from 1 December 2017.