Date: Monday September 04, 2017 State: ACT,NSW,NT,QLD,SA,TAS,VIC,WA

ARPA 2016/17 Annual Report

ARPA National are very pleased to announce the publication of our first ever ARPA Annual Report. The 2016/17 Annual Report focuses on:

  • the events, initiatives and training developed by ARPA National and the state councils over the last year
  • the new member benefits attached to being an ARPA member
  • an overview of the advocacy undertaken on behalf of our members to government regulators 
  • the results of an industry survey conducted on staff employed by ARPA members on their training and development needs, the issues they face in their role and their level of job satisfaction
  • the webinar series developed by ARPA National in 2017 and the feedback received
  • the winners of ARPA awards held in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia
  • what ARPA National are planning in 2017/18, including the inaugural ARPA National Awards that will be held in Canberra on 17 November 2017.

To download the 2016/17 Annual Report, click HERE.